Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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  • MScMjCorEn&In.1
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  • Semestre rif.
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  • 1 semestre
  • Formazione
  • Business Administration
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  • Alberton Siegfried
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  • Obbligatorio
  • ECTS
  • 6


This module will give students an understanding of corporate entrepreneurship, including Intrapreneurship, corporate venturing, Leading and managing entrepreneurial organizations, Developing strategies for internationalization and Lean Start up.Within the module it is organized an international Study Tour that is meant to transfer the Entrepreneurship Theory into practice, through company and ecosystem visits, lectures and case studies

Obiettivi / Competenze mirate

•   Appreciate and describe the 'entrepreneurial ways of thinking' applicable to all areas of life and work.
•   Explore, analyze, test and apply separate and combined theories and concepts of entrepreneurship from various perspectives in order to foster innovation.
• Explain and apply within existing organizations the main frameworks, approaches and rationales in order to innovate products, processes and markets, spotting new opportunities.


What is entrepreneurship?
Corporate entrepreneurship
Leading and managing entrepreneurial organizations
Management of Growth
Lean Start up


Individual written exam during the session of certification of July, of the 70% of the final grade’s value. A presentation of the 30% of the final grade’s value


Rico Baldegger e Cristiano Morosoli

Metodo di insegnamento

The Module implies active involvement of students in discussing topics and cases and apply methods and theories to real practical business cases. The Module requires students to read materials in advance and get prepared to discuss topics in class as well as give presentations and solutions to corporate entrepreneurship case studies.


Didactical materials developed by teacher
Rico J. Baldegger: Entrepreneurial Strategy & Innovation, 2nd Ed., New York et al. 2012
Robert A. Baron, Scott A. Shane (2008): Entrepreneurship: A process perspective, 2nd Ed., Mason