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While waiting for the upcoming Open Day, scheduled for Thursday, March 5, 2020 at the Palacinema in Locarno, here is an excerpt of the 2019 Open Day held at LAC in Lugano:

Visiting the section called Testimonial, which is available on the Italian website of the course, it is possible to find short interviews to experts who attended the 2019 Open Day, while consulting the Media gallery you can browse selected images of special lectures and other moments included in the didactic programme offered by the Bachelor in Leisure Management.
You are also welcome to check out the supsi_leisuremanagement Instagram account for the latest news and events.

New Bachelor programme starting in academic year 2019/2020

The Entertainment industry alone (Sport, Music and Entertainment, Museums and Publishing Media Production, etc.) has an estimated global value of more than 640 billion dollars, while the global Tourism sector is worth more than 1600 billion dollars. These two industries form the foundation of what is known as the Leisure sector, which consists mainly of services. This sector attracts a range of different product industries whose mission is to provide support and opportunities for those who wish to enjoy Leisure services. These industries include, for example, technical clothing for sports activities, electronic devices for accessing the contents of various media channels, spaces designed for attending artistic performances.

The growth of the Leisure Economy, recorded virtually without distinction in all the different fields, is typified by significant business model transformations reflecting the changing habits of those who live in the new global society. If we consider the developments in this sector, both technological and in terms of creativity, it is easy to understand that these activities require new, high level and specific forms of managerial expertise.

During the three-year Bachelor programme, and with the help and support of their teachers, students can construct and customise their individual study itineraries by selecting specific courses in the various activities associated with the Leisure sector, including even the most recent career opportunities.


Discover the Bachelor’s degree programme in Leisure Management

Image Discover the Bachelor’s degree programme in Leisure Management

The programme focuses strongly on practical skills and linguistic competences, essential in the various Leisure Economy sectors. Students are encouraged, with the help of their teachers, to construct a customised itinerary that relates to their preferred professional field.


Enrolment as a Bachelor's student

Image Enrolment as a Bachelor's student

Applications are now open for the Bachelor of Science SUPSI in Leisure Management for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Apply for the Bachelor's programme


Tv show - "A lezione per un giorno"

Image Tv show - "A lezione per un giorno"

Virtually enters the DEASS and attend a lecture of the degree course in Leisure Management (Teleticino, 12 November 2019).



Practical training

Image Practical training

Within the three-year programme, the students complete a work experience period that will allow them to engage with the challenges thrown up by this stimulating sector. The Department provides its students also with the opportunity to spend semesters abroad (SEMP programme).


What to do after graduating?

Image What to do after graduating?

The Leisure sector offers multiple career paths within organisations operating in a rapidly expanding market.
Find out in which contexts and areas the graduate in Leisure Management can be employed.