Competences and professional profile

The Bachelor in Leisure Management develops technical competences in a management environment, focussing particularly on the various aspects of the Leisure economy (sport, tourism, entertainment, etc.). Students therefore develop both the methodological competences required in order to tackle complex problems, and the social/organisational skills required in order to engage with a system involving a multitude of different actors.

The graduate exit profile of graduates has been formulated in collaboration with a team of sector experts, and refers to the following areas:

  • systemic overview, in-depth understanding of the Leisure sector and of the main elements of one specific area (sport, tourism, culture, etc.);
  • Project and change management;
  • economic-financial management and budget planning;
  • fundraising;
  • communications and relations with the various stakeholders, particularly the media;
  • service quality promotion and maintaining standards;
  • aptitudes and interpersonal relations.

The Bachelor in Leisure Management degree opens the door to a range of organisations differentiated by sector (sports, tourism, culture, etc.), by typology (businesses, associations, foundations, public administration bodies, etc.), by dimension and by geographic market (local, Swiss, international).

Potential roles range of across different operational areas in accordance with the structure of the organisation. Examples include:  digital marketing manager for a sports team, event organisation support in a sportswear company, project manager in a public institution, in an association or in a small company, marketing specialist in a sports federation, destination manager, event manager, and many others.