Research and services

The research sector of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS) focuses on expanding specific knowledge and know-how that is essential for the development of a level of professionalism consistent with a constantly changing context.

Applied research is an vital element for the growth of the Department, which utilises this activity in order to establish interesting and profitable discussion-based relationships with the national and international scientific community, and also with organisations and enterprises in the local territory. This research work also develops and deepens the scientific competences of SUPSI staff, and provides students with fresh know-how and opportunities for reflection.

The Department of Business Administration, Health and Social Care counts numerous researchers, scientific collaborators, doctorate students and assistants who work on applied research projects and consulting commissions. They develop areas of knowledge and understanding that are shared with the scientific community, and also transferred to students and to the territorial context in which DEASS operates. Research work constitutes a factor of growth and innovation, essential for development in a constantly changing context.

The acquisition of projects, financed by international, national and cantonal organisations, allows the Department to play an active role in a larger network of competences, and to discuss issues with other universities.

Departmental research activities also include the provision of services, in response to specific requests made by external institutions, and which aim to provide the client with an objective and impartial analysis on which to base their decision-making.

From an organisational aspect, research work is conducted in competence centres and laboratories (further details are provided below). In addition to these internal reference poles, there are also permanent cluster units focussed around theme-based research axes, and consisting of researchers from various SUPSI departments.

The research work executed by the Department has a strong inter-disciplinary aspect, and is directed toward topics related to the subjects studied in the areas of healthcare (nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy), social (welfare and work) and business economics.


Projects in the Spotlight