2rLab - Rehabilitation Research Lab

Head: Marco Barbero, Prof. SUPSI
2rLab - Rehabilitation Research Lab
2rLab – Rehabilitation Research Lab was created in order to support clinical practice by studying the effectiveness of the rehabilitation interventions implemented for the most common neuromuscular pathologies. The Lab also develops tools and methods for motor disability assessment.

The ultimate aim of the complex rehabilitation process is to improve the patient’s health and quality of life. Recent clinical studies indicate that there is a growing need for rehabilitation programmes that can guarantee the greatest possible level of physical, social and emotional independence for all patients.

Researchers with clinical and methodological competences work together in the Laboratory, in a network of healthcare structures, and national & international research institutes, in order to conduct experimental studies and develop clinical measurement procedures. Dissemination of the results is ensured by participation in scientific conferences, and by the publication of articles in sector-specific magazines.