Objectives and Strategies
The aim of the Department of Business Economics, Social and Health Care is to develop its research work and to acquire service mandates, enhancing the Department’s unique nature, which is created by the collaboration between three different and complementary areas of competence: economic-business, social and health care.

In the coming years the Department plans to concentrate and increase its efforts in terms of acquiring competitive research funding and mandates, aiming to develop the innovative potential generated by the fact that researchers from three different subject areas operate under the same roof.

Many of the problems of today’s society are extremely complex. One single scientific approach is not sufficient in order to find solutions that are truly innovative, so a combination of methodologically diverse knowledge and approaches is therefore necessary.

This is why the organisational structure of the new Department favours transversality and interdisciplinary collaboration, with the aim of applying a specific approach to problems related to health, social and economic policies in Switzerland, focussing particularly on the challenges and needs of citizens, businesses, organisations and public institutions.