Mechanical Services

Head: Franco Barilone
Mechanical Services
Mechanical Services participate in both applied research and didactics, running and maintaining machines and equipment for all of the Department and, in particular, those of the Mechanical Engineering Bacheror’s and Master’s degree courses.


Moreover, Mechanical Services produce equipment and machinery parts on commission by the research teams, providing consultancy, cooperating in planning, development and repair.
The equipment includes:       
  • Numerically controlled milling machine – Mikron
  • Manual milling machine
  • 2 drill presses
  • 2 small lathes
  • Mitre saw, Metal bender
  • Abrasive blaster
  • Measuring system for geometric non-contact sensing (photogrammetry)
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines - DEA
  • Laser Doppler Displacement Meter