Start Up

Start Up
The Centre for Start-up Promotion is a service promoted by the institution for the faculties of USI and institutes in collaboration with USI and SUPSI, with the goal of providing assistance to Swiss and foreign graduates and, in particular, to those who intend to launch an enterprise in Canton Ticino.


The Centre for Start-up Promotion is proposed as a unifying factor of the realities which exist in Ticino, and as an encouragement to entreprenurial, innovative business projects initiated by young graduates.
The objective of the Centre is to improve and capitalize on training, technical and management competences present in Ticino, primarily within USI and SUPSI. The Centre uses a network of existing “Centres of Competence” to provide new entrepreneurs with answers to questions of a technical, business, administrative, legal, financial, etc. nature, which concern the starting up of a new company. 
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