Biotechnological Engineering (BTE)
Biotechnological engineering is an applied research field which is expected to strongly increase job opportunities in the next decade and this significant growth will require advanced professional profiles. The BTE MRU offers education and research activities in this area mainly focusing on the four following topics:
Biotechnological Engineering (BTE)

This interdisciplinary program puts the emphasis on practical application and hands-on experience, where students are prepared for professional practice and are exposed to a full range of engineering functions. The BTE MRU draws on the large experience of researchers involved in many industrial projects at local, national and international level. Many of these researchers have also a consolidated teaching experience based on those applied research activities. The students are therefore confronted with state of the art theoretical and practical teaching.

As a engineering Master study course, ground teachings will be provided, such as: applied chemistry and biophysics, advanced mathematics and statistics, computational modelling and principles of engineering devices. A wide choice of complementary ground courses will also be available, ranging from micro and nano technologies, to mechatronics and controls, to materials sciences. Compulsory courses will also consider essential management issues related to innovation, risk analysis and quality.

As a distinguishing element, the BTE MRU focuses on the international dimension of the above mentioned activities and thus the occurrence of multicultural classes are key elements of this programme.

Both options based on 90 and 120 ECTS are provided.

Responsibile for the Master Research Unit is Prof. Giuseppe Perale (