Biomolecular and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomolecular and Pharmaceutical Engineering (BPE) employs multidisciplinary principles and methods to investigate biological and synthetic systems. Students will merge knowledge in bioengineering, biophysics and biochemistry, pharmacology and nanotechnology to face the challenges of life science, medicine and biotechnology.

In the research related to this specific MRU, the main activities include the following topics:

  • Computational molecular and multiphysics modelling to design and customize small molecules or nano-/micro-materials interacting with biological systems.
  • Drug and delivery systems design and optimization. Design and functionalization of biomaterials.
  • Elucidation of physiological/pathological behaviour at molecular level and pharmacological mechanisms of action. Protein structure and dynamics characterization.
  • Bioinformatics tools applied to assess the relationships among members of complex biological processes and large data sets.

The computational activities are integrated with experimental studies in chemical and biochemical analytics, toxicology, and molecular and cellular biology. Indeed, the collaborations with IACT (Istituto Alpino di Chimica e di Tossicologia) in Olivone, SIRM (Swiss Institute of Regenerative Medicine) in Taverne and the Laboratory of Applied Microbiology of SUPSI allow the transfer of the computational in silico results to in vitro and in vivo evaluations. Additional seminars pertinent to scientific and industrial topics given by specialists will be organized along the educational path.

Finally, the strong connection of SUPSI with the local industrial network will offer the possibility to carry out master theses and semester projects in collaboration with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies.

Specialization in MSE: Industrial Technologies.