Success story
Interview with Dorian Dutli former student of the Master of Science in Engineering and of the Master Research Unit in Biotechnological Engineering.

Why did you choose the MSE program study and the Energy and Environmental field?
I chose this study program because it is the field in which I started my Bachelor and I wanted to improve in that field, also beacuse I know I like this kind of work since I have done a “practicum” in that area.

Do you think it is a profession which will evolve in the future?
I chose to work in the water business. The field is big: over 10’000 km of rivers need to remediated only in Switzerland. I think it will be strategic not just at local level but worldwide in the near future.

Why did you choose to enroll in the course offered in Ticino that is –by the way- not so close?
I was looking for environmental-related courses in the MSE program and both of them were not given (wastewater treatment and environmental remediation technologies) in Zurich, so I took the opportunity to come to Ticino. Seen that the courses were held in English, I thought it was a good way to improve my language skills.

How do you asses the training with the infrastructure and the teaching stuff?
I consider the environment I found fostering learning. I would choose again to come.

Are you satisfied with the choice?
Yes, I am satisfied with my choice: prepared teacher, nice people, beautiful landscape, and also good food and sun…

What did you learn?
I was not really competent in both topics, so I can definitely say I learned quite a lot. It is difficult to explain, but consider just that I chose to commute every week for three months, sometimes staying also overnight. And that I would do it again. For sure I considered the effort worthwhile. And soon there will be the new train connection reducing the travel time to just 2 hours!

Master Research Unit in Biotechnological Engineering

The Biotechnological Engineering Master Research Unit offers education in four topics:

  • Bioengineering for Clinical Medicine
  • Biomolecular and Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
  • Environmental Biotechnology