Hybrid Materials

Energy and Environment
Industrial Technologies

Included in this area of research are some of the cutting-edge topics in material science. Core competencies in Ad-vanced Materials comprise:

  • Hybrid materials including:
  1. Polymer matrix micro and nano composites
  2. Ceramic matrix composites
  3. Ceramic foams and lattices
  • Advanced Ceramics materials
  • Polymeric materials
  • Degradation and stabilization of polymeric materials

Students will gain a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of material science and technology, including:

  • Study of the effective properties of composite materials
  • Design of composite materials and composites;
  • Advanced ceramics processing
  • Polymers processing
  • Polymer matrix nano composites processing
  • Materials and components characterization (e.g. nano/micro structure, chemical and physical properties, me-chanical behavior);