Mechanics: modeling, experimentation and simulation

Energy and Environment
Industrial Technologies

The research topics concern the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products and relative productions process. In particular research topics are in the field of products design, construction and testing of machines, structures, automated machinery and robots, mechanical components for applications in med-tech. In addition to these specific addresses, research activities are aimed at design of industrial pharma and biologic production processes.

Students will gain a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of Design of Products and Processes, including:

  • Development and design of industrial machines, components and structures.
  • Design of product and processes.
  • Optimize and improve manufacturing processes.
  • Study the kinematic and the dynamic of machines.
  • Static and dynamic FEM analysis for the calculation in the field of linear and nonlinear regime.
  • Simulation of structural dynamics such as frequency response and shock.
  • Impact analysis and study of material behavior in high speed deformation conditions.
  • Rheological study in order to verify and optimize molds and thermoplastics molding cycles.

Students will acquire or improve skills to develop new products and production systems compliant with a sustainable philosophy or approach.