Precision Systems and Telecom (PST)
Precision Systems and Telecom is an interdisciplinary applied research field that combines technologies from electronics, computer science, telecommunications and mechanics with the aim of opening the way to innovative and highly competitive products. Research and education activities of the MRU take place within the Institute for Systems and Applied Electronics (ISEA) which, due to its size, can provide the necessary scientific background and know-how to support them.

The Research Areas of the MRU “Precision Systems and Telecom” are:

The MRU Precision Systems and Telecom leads to obtaining a MSE title with the specialization of "Industrial Technologies".

Students graduating from this MRU will develop know-how and skills in one of above specific areas and will acquire methods necessary for the development of innovative products, from the idea to the engineering and testing phase.

Students will be coached by Professors and Researchers with an internationally recognized experience in the field and strong ties to the local industry and economic fabric. One of the key features of this MRU is that most projects - national or international - are carried out in direct collaboration with commercial partners. Not only, but many of its staff members have collected direct professional experience in industry and are able to guide the students in solving real-life problems and prepare them for a successful professional career.

Technical courses to be chosen range from advanced mathematics to control systems, advanced electronic design, power electronics, embedded systems (HW & SW), mechatronics, signal and image processing, wireless systems, electrical energy systems and many more...
In addition, students can attend business oriented courses such as project management, communication and leadership, quality and risk management, to name a few.

Responsible for the Master Research Unit is Prof. Ricardo Monleone (ricardo.monleone(at)