Financing Organisations

CTI - Agency for the Promotion of Innovation

CTI is the Confederation Agency for the Promotion of Innovation which has promoted the transfer of knowledge and technology between the business and university sectors for more than 60 years. It establishes contact between partners from the two sectors in terms of applied research and development projects, and also supports start-ups. CTI is part of the Federal Office of Professional Training and Technology, which comes under the Federal Department of the Economy, and promotes: 

  • market-oriented R&D projects, conducted by companies in the industrial and service sectors, in collaboration with Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (SUP);  
  • the establishment and development of scientific research companies;
  • the transfer of knowledge and technology by means of platforms and networks.  

European Commission

The European Commission Framework Programmes (currently the seventh) make significant contributions to cooperative projects between academic and industrial partners in the European region. Switzerland is a full member of these programmes.

Swiss National Science Foundation

The National Swiss Fund for Scientific Research is the most important Swiss institution for the promotion of scientific research. Commissioned by the Confederation, it promotes all subject areas, ranging from philosophy and biology to nano-science and medicine.