Objectives and Strategy
The Department of Innovative Technologies participates in research strategies, particularly in terms of applied research and the transfer of knowledge to the Ticino business context.
The aim is to be the reference partner for the development of innovation, particularly new products, for industries in Ticino, in the Insubria region and in specialist sectors throughout Switzerland.

The issues dealt with by the Department of Innovative Technologies range across the sectors of informatics, electronics, mechanics and advanced materials, focussing particularly on the management of IT network systems in the general communications field, on system integration and on production system management.

The technologies available are incorporated into almost all the SUPSI research domain, providing engineering support in the following areas:
  • Constructed environment, natural resources and safety
  • Civil, industrial and urban energy systems
  • Innovative products and processes
  • Global markets, innovative business models and sustainable economic development
  • Intelligent systems for knowledge and communication
  • Social systems and public health
  • Artistic Activities: experiences and effects
The strategy of the Department of Innovative Technologies follows three main directions:
  • Applied research to ensure a continuous flow of results
  • Development projects with external services and industries
  • Market launch of innovative products