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Name and Surname Anna Valente

Department/School/Unit Istituto sistemi e tecnologie per la produzione sostenibile


Office Galleria 2 - 261
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number 058 666 66 10


Article in conference proceedings 3 Elements

Dunnill, S., Morrison, D., Brugnetti, I., Colla, M.& Valente, A. (2014) Reconfigurable automated island for (DIS) assembly of a variety of silicon solar cell geometries for specialist low power and cpv applications. » more details Borgia, S., Leonesio, M., Pellegrinelli, S.& Valente, A. (2013) Energy driven process planning and machine tool dynamic behavior assessment. In Proceedings of 2st CIRP Global Web Conference: Interdisciplinary Research in Production Engineering. » more details Valente, A., Cataldo, A.& Carpanzano, E. (2013) dispatching algorithm and software tool for managing the part flow of Reconfigurable Transportation System, A. In Proceedings of Forty Sixth CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems. » more details

Chapter in book 1 Element

Carpanzano, E., Cesta, A., Orlandini, A., Rasconi, R.& Valente, A. 2013. AI based online scheduling controller for RMSs, An. In Roboust Manufacturing Control, Lecture Notes in Production Engineering. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 2 Elements

Carpanzano, E., Cesta, A., Orlandini, A., Rasconi, R., Suriano, M., Umbrico, A.& Valente, A. (2014) Design and implementation of a distributed part routing algorithm for Reconfigurable Transportation Systems. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. » more details Valente, A. (2014) Reconfigurable Industrial Robots: A Stochastic Programming approach for designing and assembling robotic arms . Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 41, pp.115-126. » more details

Report 5 Elements

Bianchini, M., Pavesi, G., Astori, M., Valente, A., Colla, M., Cavadini, F., Theocharatos, C.& Fragoulis, N. (2015) Process planning methodology. University of Patras LMS. » more details Braglia, A., Brugnetti, I., Califano, A., Colla, M., Corfini, C., Dunnill, S., Fiasché, M., Morrison, D., Perrone, G., Tavola, G.& Valente, A. (2014) Functional and production requirements definition and production facility assessment. EU Commission. » more details Brugnetti, I., Cavadini, F., Colla, M., Corfini, C., Fiasché, M., Gambardella, L., Gualandi, S., Montalbano, G., Tavola, G.& Valente, A. (2014) Preliminary project reference framework. Supsi-DTI. » more details Morrison, D., Braglia, A., Valente, A., Brugnetti, I., Colla, M., Theocharatos, C., Scharf, D., Montalbano, G., Cavadini, F., Gualandi, S., Gambardella, L.& Bikas, H. (2014) Enabling technologies database. Supsi-DTI. » more details Valente, A., Colla, M.& Brugnetti, I. (2014) Configuration Approach Formulation. Supsi-DTI. » more details

Scientific journal article 5 Elements

Valente, A., Carpanzano, E.& Baraldo, S. (2017) Smooth trajectory generation for industrial robots performing high precision assembly processes. CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, vol. 66 (1) pp.17-20. » more details Cinus, M., Confalonieri, M., Barni, A.& Valente, A. (2016) ANN based decision support system fostering production plan optimization through preventive maintenance management., An. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol. 54 pp.447-455. » more details Confalonieri, M., Barni, A., Cinus, M.& Valente, A. (2016) AI based decision support system for preventive maintenance and production optimization in energy intensive manufacturing plants., An. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation/ International Technology Management Conference, ICE/ITMC 2015. » more details Carpanzano, E., Cesta, A., Orlandini, A., Rasconi, R.& Valente, A. (2014) Intelligent dynamic part routing policies in Plug&Produce Reconfigurable Transportation Systems. CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology, vol. 63 (1) pp.425-428. » more details Leonesio, M., Molinari-Tosatti, L., Pellegrinelli, S.& Valente, A. (2013) closed loop approach to support the joint design of machine tools and process planning, A. International Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technologies. » more details

In charge of the following projects

SYMBIONICA - Reconfigurable Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of next gener » more details