4 September 2018

Daniele Forni, docente-ricercatore presso il Laboratorio SUPSI DynaMat, è stato insignito del prestigioso premio DYMAT PhD Thesis Prize.

10 May 2018

In occasion of the 2nd International Conference ICILSM2018 on "Impact loading on Structures and Materials" organized by the International Society of Impact Engineering and the Northwestern Polytechnical University (http: // www. held from 7th to 11th May 2018 at Xi'an, Prof. Cadoni has been invited as Plenary lecturer on the crucial aspects of the behavior of materials and structures subjected to combined extreme loads of speed and temperature. During his stay Prof. Ezio Cadoni visited the impact dynamics laboratories directed by Professor Yulong Li of the Department of Aeronautical Structural Engineering. During the visit multiple points of interest were identified as well as many possible interactions between the Chinese laboratories and the SUPSI DynaMat Laboratory that will certainly lead to interesting developments for both institutions and industries of the two countries.