The Lab
Digital Forensics is the science studying the identification, extraction, documentation, and any other form of treatment of computer data in order to be evaluated during a judicial process. It is a highly interdisciplinary subject, for which a multitude of technical-scientific skills are required.

These skills are typically, but not exclusively, acquired through a Degree in Informatics and are to be applied to peculiar contexts with respect to cyber intelligence and information security activities.

Digital Forensics was officially introduced in Southern Switzerland thanks to an agreement
between the Department of Institutions of Ticino and SUPSI in May 2011. This agreement
between institutions aims at a strategic cooperation at a local and national level in the field of
Cyber Intelligence and Information Security.

As a consequence, SUPSI’s Digital Forensics Lab was born. The Lab has been conceived and
designed to offer technical-scientific support to judicial authorities in the fileds above mentioned, and in particular in the context of digital investigations and of analyses conducted with the implementation of new technologies.

By involving interdisciplinary, highly qualified SUPSI researchers, actively engaged in applied
research, we also provide local, national, and international companies with scientific consulting services that are highly valuable, distinctive, and confidential, given the nature of the information we handle. Within SUPSI’s research system, this Lab is located along the research axes n. 5 (Intelligent systems for knowledge and communications) and 6 (Social systems and public health).

The person in charge of the Lab is Dr. Alessandro Trivilini.