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Regulation to obtain the Diploma of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Digital Forensics
01 June 2018
Those who have obtained CAS in Basic Digital Forensics and in Advanced Digital Forensics can obtain the Diploma of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Digital Forensics (DAS) by carrying out a diploma work.


To obtain the Diploma of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Digital Forensics (DAS) have to the achievement of CAS in Basic Digital Forensics and in Advanced Digital Forensics.

However, they who not fully respect the prerequisites required, they can to submit their dossier to the secretary ( for the assessment of the specific case, which will refer to the regulation of SUPSI continuing education for MAS, DAS and CAS course. 

Proposal for diploma work

The proposal for the diploma work must reach the secretary ( no later than 16th November 2018. The date is bound to the current academic year (2018/2019).

For organizational issues, any proposals sent after this deadline will be considered for the next academic year (2019/2020).

The diploma work consist in a development of an autonomous project, validated by the course manager, on a subject debated during the educational path carried out. In particular, it is an in-depth analysis in which the candidate has to demostrate the added value acquired with the knowledge learned during the training. It is also possible to propose a topic taken from one's own professional context.

The candidate at the time of the request to obtain the DAS in Digital Forensics must present:

  • The title of the project;
  • The area and the topic of reference;
  • A brief description and the objectives of the project.

In the event that the submitted proposal is not valid, the secretary will provide to communicate the reasons and the possible suggestions or alternatives.

Project duration

The start of the project is scheduled for 14th January 2019, and the delivery fot 26th April 2019.

The number of hours to invest in carrying out the diploma work is about 30, necessary to complete the missing credit (1 ECTS).

Project delivery

Each candidate have to submit the work developed according the following indications:

  • The diploma work must be in PDF format, and must contain all the citations of the sources from which useful information has been taken to the correct and complete performance of the work;
  • Any attachments must be inserted in a folder called "Attachments" and compressed in ZIP format;
  • The overall structure of the diploma work is free, but it must include all the relevant and necessary paragraphs for an exhaustive and correct understanding of the work, the state of the art from which the work began, and the added value that the work had done.

The entire diploma work must be saved in a USB memory and sent by ordinary post (not e-mail) to the following address no later the 16th April 2019:

Sabrina Zanfrini-Silini
Dipartimento tecnologie innovative
Centro Galleria 2
6928 Manno

It is possible to request an extension for the delivery of the work, but the evaluation, the defence of it and the achievement of the diploma (DAS in Digital Forensics) will be postponed to the next academic year (2019/2020).

Template for the delivery of the diploma work.

Evaluation and defence of diploma work

The diploma work will be evaluated by the course manager and an external teacher, who will make a first evaluation. Successively the candidate will be summoned on 3rd May 2019 (the timetable will be communicated later), for the presentation and the defence of work before a scientific commission.

Each candidate will have a maximum of 20 minutes for the presentation of the work, which includes the use of the Microsoft PowerPoint application. A further 10 minutes will be dedicated to the discussion with the committee of experts and for any questions.

The obtaining of the DAS in Digital Forensics is subject to the passing grade (vote 4) obtained by the average of the votes of the course manager, external teacher and scientific committee.

The candidates who do not obtain the passing grade, they will have the possibility to defend their work again during the following academic year, making the changes or additions indicated by the committee. 

The delivery of the diploma will take place within the ceremony of delivery of the official diplomas of continuing education scheduled for June 2019.

The registration fee for the final exam is CHF 300.-

Further information

For more information write to: