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CAS in Advanced Digital Forensics
12 September 2019
SUPSI Department of Innovative Technologies, Galleria 2, Manno
The Digital Forensics Service offers advanced, innovative and interdisciplinary courses, strongly oriented to practical exercises, to learn the techniques, methodologies and tools needed to properly address computer forensic analysis in an authoritative and professional manner.


The Digital Forensics has taken on a decisive role over time to the point to be considered the best cybersecurity ROI. It is a discipline that deals with identifying and acquiring everything that is in digital format. With the implementation of the GDPR and the total revision of the Federal Act Data Protection (FADP), it is important to have technicians in the company who are adequately prepared for the professional processing of computer data. An error committed in the process of manipulation or acquisition of the evidence could irreversibly compromise the result of the digital forensic analysis.

Course objectives

Understand through a learning-by-doing approach the methodologies of data processing for a correct manipulation (identification, acquisition and conservation) through the means offered by digital forensics.

In particular:

  • Windows forensics;
  • Architecture and analysis of a MAC OS X system;
  • Linux like forensic workstation;
  • Mobile forensics;
  • Python for forensic applications;
  • Network forensics;
  • Audio forensics;
  • Malware e memory forensics;
  • Social network forensics;
  • OSINT e Cloud forensics;
  • Analysis of biometric systems for authentication;
  • IoT, Smartband, data acquisition and analysis.


The course is aimed at professionals in the ICT sector dealing with the maintenance of computer security or having to manage emergencies following a computer crash, such as computer technicians, network administrators, computer experts and consultants.
The course requires a proved experience in the IT field. If necessary, the access to course will be validated after an individual interview.


Study credits: 180 ECTS

Duration: 224 lessons-hours

Start of course: 12 September 2019

Cost: CHF 7'500.-

The maximum number of student is 15.


It is possible to register by 23 August 2019.