Information regarding insurance procedures for students.

Health and accident insurance for students

Everyone domiciled/resident in Switzerland must take out health insurance within three months of their date of entry into the Country. This compulsory health insurance covers the medical treatment costs in the event of illness or accident. Students are free to choose their own insurance company.

Students registered at the Regional Office for Foreigners will receive the request to take out a health insurance policy. Should these terms not be complied with, the appropriate authorities will assign an insurer, at their own discretion. All insurance companies offer the same compulsory health insurance services. Some insurance companies offer special packages for foreign students.

Under certain circumstances, students may be exonerated from the obligation to stipulate a compulsory insurance policy in Switzerland. This applies particularly to those holding a European Health Card, and to non-Europeans insured with private insurance companies recognised by the Swiss authorities. In these cases, students will make direct payment of the costs related to injuries, accidents or illnesses, and will subsequently apply to the following address for reimbursement:
Istituzione Comune LAMAL, KVG, Gibelinstrasse 25, CH-4502 Solothurn,

Students who keep their residence in the countries of origin, including students who live in border zones and who return home in the evening, must ascertain the regulations in force in their home country. These students will be entitled to receive emergency treatment in Switzerland, but, should they be unable to pay the required deposit, or should the coverage in their home countries be insufficient, they will subsequently have to return to their home countries for further treatment.

Private public-liability insurance (RC) for students

Private public-liability insurance is optional, but strongly advised. An RC policy protects the insured party who causes damages to third parties and who must pay the relative compensation (for example, when practicing a sport, as the owner of an animal or as a tenant).

The University has insurance cover for public liability in the event of damage to the health or to the assets of students, when the full responsibility of the institution has been ascertained.

Domestic goods insurance for students

Domestic goods insurance is not compulsory. This optional insurance policy can be taken out to cover material damage to domestic goods.

This insurance usually covers damage caused by fire, water or theft. The amount insured is usually the "new" value of the good, or, in other words, the amount required in order to replace it.