Established in 1987 as part of the permanent European Learning Programme (LLP), Erasmus is the main university-level educational and training programme for mobility and cooperation in Europe.

Every year approximately 200,000 students are partially financed by Erasmus to study and/or work abroad, for a period of 3 – 12 months. Teachers and collaborators, and company employees, may also participate in the programme. Moreover, Erasmus supports collaboration between higher educational institutions by means of intensive programmes, academic networks and multilateral projects, potentially involving the business world as well.

SUPSI has participated in the Erasmus programme since academic year 1998/1999, periodically applying for the relative financing. Inter-institutional agreements signed with higher education institutes throughout Europe enable students, teachers and collaborators to participate in the following mobility measures:

  • Study visits for students
  • Traineeship visits for students
  • Intensive language courses for students on study or traineeship visits
  • Teaching activities for teachers or for company employees
  • Professional development for teachers or collaborators
  • Meeting seminars and preparatory visits for teachers or collaborators