The role of arts in life and well-being of citizens and their communities
The creation of this research axis opens up interesting prospects for collaboration between the Scuola Universitaria di Musica, the Scuola Teatro Dimitri and the other SUPSI departments, therefore facilitating the development of new artistic products, while also providing the possibility for studies to be conducted on the participation of our public and on the potential of our local area in terms of the arts.

The key element of this axis is ArtEM (Art, Education and Mediation – Arte, Educazione e Mediazione), an area which, by developing interdisciplinary collaboration projects, and by establishing relationships with other institutions and stakeholders (national and international), will play a leading role in the local area, by means of research projects focussing on the diverse values of art in society, and the diverse roles that it can play.

The activities conducted by ArtEM will lead to the planning and implementation of cultural events of various types, conducted in various ways, and which may also be designed in function with specific types of context and public. All these initiatives will involve significant educational contents, and the utilization of appropriate mediation instruments.

The research axis will conclude its work by constantly monitoring the projects executed, therefore making it possible to assess the impact of the arts on society, on the economy and on the local area.

Objectives :

  • Facilitate the diffusion and the appreciation of artistic products
  • Increase the level of people’s participation, appreciation and involvement in the arts and in culture

Research axis Leader

Massimo Zicari

Working group

Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Ruth Hungerbühler Savary
Demis Quadri

Department for Environment Constructions and Design
Michele Amadò
Jean-Pierre Candeloro

Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
Claudio Mustacchi

Department of Education and Learning
Giovanni Galfetti
Lorena Rocca

University Directorship SUPSI
Riccardo Cappelletti