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AutoPlay: methodology development

Acronym AutoPlay

Abstract The AutoPlay project investigates the development of toys manipulation patterns in the very small children ludic behavior. We aim at developing a methodology for analyzing ludic behavior in very small children (less than 2 years old) from a technical, analytical, social and sanitary perspective. The final objective of AutoPlay is reaching a social systematic change of how ludic behavior is observed, analysed and considered for evaluating and identifying early signs of neurodevelopmental disorders and social problems.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Centro competenze pratiche politiche e sanitarie
Ingegneria software e sistemi informativi

People involved Michela Papandrea, Francesca Dalia Faraci

Managers Emmanuelle Rossini-Drecq

Date of Project Start 1 January 2017

Date of Project Completion 30 June 2019