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SDC Well Cleaning in an Emergency: Technical Guidelines

Acronym WellClean

Abstract Worldwide, floods occur several times a year. In fact, they are becoming more frequent and assuming greater dimensions due to global climate change. In the course of such disasters, wells supplying water for drinking and hygiene purposes and those serving irrigation and livestock are usually contaminated by flooding and infiltration. Owing to this contamination, the wells affected can usually no longer fulfil their purpose. Their yield may be restricted, and above all, drinking water quality no longer meets hygienic requirements and poses a health hazard. This means that after the floodwater has subsided, the wells affected need to be cleaned to again serve as a reliable water source.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Centro competenze SUPSI cooperazione e sviluppo

People involved Pamela Principi

Managers Claudio Valsangiacomo

Date of Project Start 26 June 2014

Date of Project Completion 17 October 2014


Attachments allegato_al_progetto Well cleaning in emergency situations 141017 300 (in English)