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Distribution of Antibiotic Resistant microorganisms in municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)

Acronym DART_

Abstract The DART project aims to evaluate the fate of antibiotic resistant microorganisms and resistance genetic determinants in a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that are subjected to a tertiary treatment process designed to remove micropollutants. The project will quantitatively evaluate the presence of fittingly labeled antibiotic resistant strains in the outputs of the process, namely the purified water and the sludge. The aims are to understand if the tertiary treatment affects the distribution and the competitiveness of resistant microorganisms against the wastewater microflora and if it can decrease the risk of the release into surface waters of resistant bacteria and yeasts.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Department for Environment Constructions and Design
Laboratorio tecnologie bioambientali
Institute for Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology

People involved Roger König, Antonella Demarta Aeschbacher, Damiana Ravasi, Nicola Storelli

Managers Pamela Principi

Date of Project Start 1 March 2014

Date of Project Completion 31 October 2015