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Acronym NEGETO

Abstract The field of DIY electronics and open source hardware is facilitating a change in how STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) is taught at school or at informal educational contexts. While the sector of educational kits, platforms and initiatives for learning programming and electronics flourishes, there is an opportunity to experiment and apply this approach in the field of AI education. The research points to design and develop an educational toy for supporting a learning by doing teaching and learning experience in the domain of artificial intelligence. The educational toy is a cognitive device that features embodied cognition, so it evolves and suggests contents according the interaction with the user; and it is fabricatable and programmable to enable the user to learn by implementing projects and applications. The general research objective is to connect the development process of the smart toys with the creation of an open education platform that provides the open source documentation of resources and programs to enable their use at schools or in experimental STEAM classes.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratory of Visual Culture

People involved Lucio Negrini, Marco Lurati, Claudio Bonesana

Managers Serena Cangiano

Date of Project Start 7 September 2017

Date of Project Completion 31 December 2017