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Migrantinnen und Migranten als Pflegeassistenzpersonal und «Brain-Waste» // Personnel de santé auxil

Acronym PAM - BW

Abstract Within the Swiss health care system migrant auxiliary caregivers represent an important resource. This Obsan-survey aimed at estimating how many migrant auxiliary care givers presently working in Switzerland (elderly care homes & homecare services) might already have concluded training in the health care domain in their country of origin. This should allow identifying a target group of auxiliary caregivers eligible for specific further education courses (re-qualification/top-up courses). For this purpose in a first phase of the project an online questionnaire was sent to all elderly care homes and home healthcare services in Switzerland in order to gain data regarding the number of: - migrant auxiliary caregivers working in these services - migrant auxiliary caregivers having already concluded a training in thehealth care domain in their country of origin In a next phase phone interviews (semi-structured questionnaire) with auxiliary caregivers concerned were conducted. The final report of the project (in German, including a summary in French) may be consulted online:

SUPSI Organisations Involved Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care

People involved Magda Chiesa

Managers Stefan Juerg Kunz

Date of Project Start 1 February 2010

Date of Project Completion 30 November 2011