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Misurazione degli indicatori di prevalenze caduta e decubito/Prävalenzmessung Sturz und Dekubitus

Acronym ANQ_

Abstract The Swiss National Association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics (ANQ) coordinates and implements measures to improve and document the quality on a national scale. This specific project is held in cooperation with the Health Section of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and the University of Maastricht. The BFH cooperates with SUPSI-DSAN for the realization of the project in Ticino. For the measurement we adopt the international protocol named \"Landelijke Prevalentiemeting Zorgproblemen\" owned and diffused by the Department of Health Care and Nursing Science, University of Maastricht. All instruments have been translated and validated in the three national Swiss languages. The results were diffused to every participant hospital focusing on its results in comparison with the national performance. This to allow the start-up of specific improvement projects in the single hospitals.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care

People involved Stefan Juerg Kunz, Nunzio De Bitonti, Mauro Realini

Managers Andrea Cavicchioli

Date of Project Start 11 April 2011

Date of Project Completion 30 June 2015


Attachments allegato_al_progetto lpz_rapport_2012 (in English)