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Mechanical characterization of advanced materials under dynamic loads

Acronym IIT-D

Abstract The project is addressed to the investigation on dynamic properties of structural materials, that is a crucial issue for several fields of engineering (structural, aerospace, automotive, mechanical, etc.). The characterization at high strain rate play a capital role in the crashworthiness studies of automobile, train, helicopter or airplane. The study of the mechanical properties at high strain-rate needs special devices able to record the stress wave propagation in the materials. The main objective of the present activities is the collaboration between two universities (SUPSI and IIT Delhi) that are specialized in this field. The expertise and facilities available at the Impact mechanics laboratory of IIT Delhi on the large deformation behavior of structures at different strain rates and the experience and the experimental facilities present in the DynaMat Laboratory of SUPSI are the strong basis to construct a bilateral collaboration and integration of respective competences.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio SUPSI Dynamat

People involved Daniele Forni, Matteo Dotta, Nicoletta Tesio

Managers Ezio Cadoni

Date of Project Start 1 March 2009

Date of Project Completion 1 March 2012