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Development and Testing a Modular ECVET System in Elderly Care

Acronym ECV

Abstract The main aim of the Project is to create a Digital Platform for ECVET which provides up to date information in partner countries and Europe on ECVET. Vet Stakeholders can share their experience through this platform and they can find the useful information how to implement ECVET. In this Project, Partners will analyse the ECVET in their countries and EU through investigation of The History of ECVET in the Partner Country, The Responsible Institutions and Key Actors in ECVET, The Highlights in Main Laws and Regulations with regard to ECVET, Problems/ Obstacles/ and Solution Offers, and Highlights in The Strategic ECVET Country Plan. This analysis will be compiled as a booklet.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care

People involved Filippo Bignami, Vincenzo D'Angelo, Stefan Juerg Kunz

Managers Andrea Cavicchioli

Date of Project Start 14 August 2012

Date of Project Completion 31 December 2014