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Investigation of the impact of PAC recycling to the occurrence of ARB in a municipal WWTP

Acronym ARB

Abstract WWTPs, implementing PAC as step for the removal of micro pollutants, will reuse part of the PAC until saturation, in order of decrease the costs. Antibiotics that are trapped into PAC may have an influence on microorganisms, which are adsorbed on it. The reuse of PAC may lead to a selection and to an increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria (ARB) in the sludge and in the depurated effluent waters. By means of the pilot plant developed for the DART project and adding a recycling phase for the PAC, the project will mime a possible process configuration involving PAC as micropollutant removal.

SUPSI Organisations Involved Laboratorio di microbiologia applicata
Laboratorio tecnologie bioambientali

People involved Nicola Storelli

Managers Pamela Principi

Date of Project Start 15 September 2015

Date of Project Completion 30 November 2016