Life After Cancer
The project aims to recognise the needs of patients surviving cancer and to speculate as to who may be the appropriate professionals to care for them.

Advances in cancer care today allow an increasing number of people affected with pathological tumors to overcome the acute stage of the disease and to survive and go on living for many years. These people, however, while not requiring more medical care, find themselves dealing with life under conditions different from before.

The research project "Nursing, Survivors of Cancer and Quality of Life" is aimed at: investigating the quality of life and the health destiny of so-called cancer survivors, with the objective of focussing on social and health needs "inherited" from the disease and which, in one form or another, drag on for the rest of one’s life; identifying the institutional safeguards which can best meet the needs of these people; and formulating hypotheses regarding the professional skills specific to these patients, with particular reference to implications for the nurses role.

The project is funded by the Daccò Foundation. The Project Manager, who works in collaboration with IOSI, is Paola Di Giulio, researcher in the Department of Health Sciences.

Project Title: Nursing, Survivors of Cancer and Quality of Life
Manager at SUPSI: Paola Di Giulio
Department: Department of Health Sciences
Research Discipline: Quality of Activities and Performance
Project Duration: 2007-2010
Funding: Daccò Foundation