Strategic Management of Public Services in the City of Lugano
The research objectives are to describe, analyse and evaluate the performance of the security sector of the town of Lugano from the economic, social and environmental points of view in response to the needs of the citizens.

From the methodological point of view, we wanted to experiment, in a pioneering manner, with a course of analysis which would allow the development of indicators able to analyse the current situation regarding the provision of public services and to measure their performance. These indicators provide the basis for the establishment of a monitoring model.

In Ticino, there are no other cities which are addressing the issue of strategic and operational management of public services or, more generally, the strategic management of urban space. A model of continuous monitoring for long-term strategic management of the city will increase effectiveness and efficiency in delivering public services with respect to expected and declared needs of citizens. Furthermore, it will be possible to verify an increase in leeway for the development of innovation both as concerns the services offered and the processes for supplying them.

The research project was funded by the City of Lugano and directed by Siegfried Alberton, a researcher in the Department of Business and Social Sciences, in collaboration with Federico Corboud and Emiliano Soldini.

Project Title: Strategic Management of Public Services in the City of Lugano
Director: Siegfried Alberton
Department: Department of Business and Social Sciences
Research Unit: Business Administration
Project Duration: 2008-2009
Funding: City of Lugano