ASLAT – Adaptive Systems for foreign language teaching
The ASLAT project originated from the desire to explore the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence applied to education. From this perspective, the aim of ASLAT was to revise the online language test given to new SUPSI students each year, making it adaptive, in the sense that the question selection process would be customised, adjusting to the competences of each student.

This was achieved by converting the experience of the language teachers into a mathematical model of the knowledge, on the basis of which, in real time, an intelligent system analyses the answers given by students, reconstructs their competence profiles, and proposes the most appropriate subsequent questions. This adaptive approach allows the best students to be challenged by questions appropriate to their level, without discouraging beginners with questions that are too difficult. Moreover, the assessment process becomes faster, thus reducing the work demanded to the students.

» Interview with Francesca Mangili, project director