Riviera aviation technological pole
The idea behind the creation of an aviation pole arose as early as in 2006, when the Swiss Air Force decided to give up the military airport in Lodrino, and with the resulting Confederation decision to dispose of the infrastructure. The plan was to create a pole consisting of companies complementary to one another, that would develop competences covering the entire life cycle of aeronautic systems and provide high-quality services and products, while also creating new jobs and training opportunities, thanks to the establishment of new businesses, in a field at the technological cutting edge.

The idea was developed and refined over the course of a few years, with a focus on reaching a broad consensus, also in political terms, regarding the potential creation of an aviation technological pole in Riviera. This is why in June 2014 the Department of finances and the economy (Dipartimento delle finanze e dell’economia - DFE), in collaboration with the Municipality of Lodrino and the Regional Institution for the Development of the Bellinzona and Valleys area (Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo Bellinzonese e Valli), granted the DEASS inno3 Competence Centre with a mandate to evaluate the advisability, feasibility and sustainability of an aviation technological pole in Riviera, an integral part of a potential cantonal cluster in the aerospace sector.

» Interview with Andrea Huber, lecturer-researcher at the inno3 Competence Centre, project director