Manager: Giorgio Travaglini‚Ä®
A Service of USI/SUPSI

This is the network for transferring technology and knowledge within Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Ticinotransfer addresses itself to innovative companies, or those that wish to become so, and to technological partners, that is, research institutes. In particular, it addresses Small and Medium-Sized Companies (Piccole Medie Imprese - PMI).

The transferring of knowledge and technology from research institutes to companies is a crucial step in the process of innovation. Ticinotransfer is intent on increasing the competitivity of businesses and on contributing to economic growth and well-being in Switzerland.

In 2005, the Confederation launched the initiative “Networks for the Transferring of Technology and Knowledge”, with the purpose of guiding and strengthening the Swiss system of technological transfer by means of the creation of four regional support networks.

In Italian-speaking Switzerland and upper Vallese, the initiative has been implemented by the regional network Ticinotransfer, which concentrates the strengths of economic partners, universities and the State.