Legal Information

When accessing information put onto the internet by SUPSI and by its units, the following legal conditions are accepted.

Every online document and every web page, together with all the constituent parts, are protected by copyright and may be copied and printed purely for private, scientific and non-commercial purposes.

Without having obtained permission from SUPSI, documents and web pages, or their constituent parts, may not be reproduced or saved, not even on other servers, added to newsgroups or to online services, nor saved on CD-ROM or on other data memorisation instruments. This also applies to the SUPSI logo and to SUPSI unit logos.

Temporary memorisation is permitted on "cache" or "proxy" exclusively in order to optimise access velocity.

It is explicitly permitted to cite documents and web pages provided the source is correctly indicated. Links to SUPSI web sites and to the web sites of SUPSI units is also explicitly permitted.

Exclusion of Responsibility
SUPSI and its units do not assume any responsibility for the revision, precision, integrity or adequate quality of the information published. The right is reserved to modify the information at any time and without any advance warning.

SUPSI and its units cannot be held responsible for damage or impairment, tangible or intangible, caused by access to, use or non-use of the information published, by misuse of connection or by technical faults.

SUPSI and its units are not responsible for the contents of websites connected by hyperlink and external to their circuit, and do not assume any responsibility for the contents of these websites, for the products or services offered in relation to these websites or for any other offers.

Protection of SUPSI data

Access and Navigation
Access to SUPSI websites and to the websites of SUPSI units does not require authentication by means of username and password. This also usually applies to navigation inside the unprotected sections of SUPSI websites.

Optional Data Collection
The websites of SUPSI and of its units sometimes contain forms that visitors must fill in, in their own interests, if they wish to use services, which consist mainly of application and order placement services requiring the following data: postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and relevant information.

Purpose of the Data Collected
This data is used exclusively for the purposes stated, and is not sent to third parties.

Confidentiality / Safety
All data supplied is transmitted in unencrypted form. It therefore cannot be excluded that data may be lost or transmitted to third parties during transmission. Consequently, personal data is transmitted at the user’s own risk.

All data transmitted may be archived on servers, taking all necessary precautions. Access to this data is closed to third parties and is available only to collaborators who require the data in order to perform their jobs.