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Name and Surname Luca Botturi

Position Department of Teaching and Learning, professore



Office Stabile B
Piazza San Francesco 19, 6600 Locarno

Internal telephone number +41586666828


Personal Details Luca Botturi was born in 1977 in Milano, Italy, and moved to Switzerland in 1996, pursuing his studies in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano. Luca also lived for a year in Vienna, and had research periods in Canada, Spain and the US. Since 2010 he has been working at SUPSI.

Education and training Luca holds a Master in Communication Sciences and Technologies at the University of Lugano, and a PhD from the sane institution with a dissertation on instructional design and digital technologies.

Work experience Luca was active as researcher in Switzerland (University of Lugano, 2000-2009), Canada (University of British Columbia, 2003), the US (State University New York, 2008) and Spain (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2005). Luca participated in several national and European research projects and coordinated the Rethinking Education in the Knowledge Society doctoral school. Luca is also active as trainer and expert in international cooperation with the non profit enterprise seed, and has worked in Italy, Ecuador, Mexico, Ghana, Croatia and Macedonia.

Skills Luca has always been working at the crossroads of digital technologies and education. He has worked on instructional design, distance learning and on the use of games and of narrative in education, with a specific focus on digital storytelling. Lately, Luca is research digital and media literacy. He is a member of the Centre for Development and Cooperation SUPSI.

Awards Best paper award at EDMEDIA 2004 (paper on eLearning usability) TechTrends International Award 2012 (paper on Storytelling for development)

Article in conference proceedings 22 Elements

Botturi, L., D`Alessio, G.& Hardie, J. (2018) How do teachers use video at school?. In Proceedings of INTED 2018, pp.4077-4086. » more details Botturi, L., Geronimi Stoll, M.& Kamanda, Y. (2018) One-frame Movie. Smartphones and movies for digital literacy development among teens and pre-teens. In Proceedings of INTED 2018, pp.4497-4503. » more details Botturi, L.& Negrini, L. (2018) Less is more: teenager digital information literacy and parental rules. » more details Botturi, L., van Zyl, I.& Pensa, I. (2017) WIKIPEDIA AT PRIMARY SCHOOL: TEACHERS’ USE AND PERCEPTIONS. THE CASE OF SOUTH AFRICA. In Proceedings of ICERI 2017. » more details Negrini, L.& Botturi, L. (2017) Technology enhanced second language learning in primary school. » more details Botturi, L. (2016) One-frame Movie: smartphones as creativity tools for media education. » more details Botturi, L., Flepp, L., Metry, A., Negrini, L., Steiner, E., Trezzini, M.& Todisco, V. (2016) change linguistique à l’école primaire. Les technologies numériques au service de l’apprentissage d’une deuxième langue (L2) dans l’espace alpin. » more details Botturi, L.& Negrini, L. (2016) Digital literacy and language learning in a multilingual country. » more details Negrini, L., Botturi, L., Trezzini, M., Flepp, L.& Steiner, E. (2016) AlpConnectar: Imparare le lingue con le tecnologie attraverso le alpi. » more details Botturi, L.& Bourban, A. (2014) L’école, l’apprentissage et la maîtrise des ICT. » more details Botturi, L.& Rega, I. (2014) Digital Storytelling for Intergenerational and Intercultural Learning. » more details Botturi, L., Trezzini, M.& Steiner, E. (2014) Fremdsprachenlernen und dabei mit neuster Technik di Alpen überwinden. . » more details Botturi, L. (2013) Intergenerational storytelling: three facets of a new approach. In Proceedings of thee ALICE Project final conference “Transforming the educational relationship: intergenerational and family learning for the lifelong learning society”. » more details Botturi, L.& Corbino, S. (2013) Stories of global citizens at school. In Proceedings of 2nd Global Conference Responsible Living. » more details Botturi, L., Flepp, L., Steiner, E., Mini, G.& Todisco, V. (2013) AlpConnectar. Klassen verbinden und Fremdsprachen lernen mit digitalen Medien. » more details Botturi, L., Lunini (Kueng), P., Romualdi, M., De Angelis, K.& De Angelis, E. (2013) LabLearning: digital media to combat early school leaving. In Proceedings of ICERI 2013. » more details Calvo, S., Botturi, L.& Werlen, E. (2013) Schools and ICT learning: dialogue, conflict or silence?. » more details Corbino, S.& Botturi, L. (2013) Rapport project: bringing life to school to reduce early school leaving. » more details Corbino, S., Botturi, L., Ban, D.& Nagy, B. (2013) Teachers learning from stories. » more details Rapetti, E.& Botturi, L. (2013) Connecting ICT learning: insights & methods. » more details Botturi, L.& Bramani, C. (2010) Stories, Drawings and Digital Storytelling for education. » more details Botturi, L., Bramani, C.& Corbino, S. (2010) Stories, Drawings and Digital Storytelling: a Voice for Children with Special Education Needs. In Online proceedings of the Workshop on Interactive Storytelling for Children at IDC 2010. » more details

Book 7 Elements

Botturi, L.& Geronimi Stoll, M. (2019) Music Clip, SUPSI-DFA. » more details Botturi, L.& Geronimi Stoll, M. (2019) One-frame Movie, SUPSI-DFA. » more details Botturi, L.& Geronimi Stoll, M. (2019) Selfie Awareness, SUPSI-DFA. » more details Botturi, L.& Geronimi Stoll, M. (2019) Sound Score, SUPSI-DFA. » more details Botturi, L., Negrini, L., Metry, A., Steiner, E., Todisco, V.& Trezzini, M. (2018) AlpConnectar, PHGR. » more details Botturi, L.& Stubbs, T. (2008) Handbook of Visual Languages in Instructional Design: Theories and Practices, Botturi Luca ,Stubbs Todd , Informing Science Reference. » more details Cantoni, L., Botturi, L.& Succi, C. (2007) eLearning: capire, progettare, valutare, FrancoAngeli. » more details

Chapter in book 3 Elements

Botturi, L. 2010. Before and Beyond Computers: Games for Engaging Classroom Teaching. In Playing Games in Schools: Engaging Learners through Interactive Entertainment, Hirumi Atsusi , pp.349-368. International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE. » more details Botturi, L.& Betrus, A. 2010. Principles of Using Simulations and Games for Teaching. In Playing Games in Schools: Engaging Learners through Interactive Entertainment, Hirumi Atsusi , pp.33-56. International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE. » more details Mazza, R., Botturi, L.& Tardini, S. 2007. L’introduzione, l’adattamento e l’estensione di Moodle nelle università della Svizzera italiana. In Modelli e tecnologie della formazione in rete, Franceschinis Giuliana ,Davide Porporato . Edizioni Mercurio, Vercelli. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 5 Elements

Negrini, L., Botturi, L.& Kappler, D. (2017) AlpConnectar: le tecnologie digitali al servizio dello scambio linguistico nella scuola elementare. Rivista Scuola Ticinese, pp.67-70. » more details Botturi, L., Metry, A.& Trezzini, M. (2016) AlpConnectar. Lingue culture e tecnologie attraverso le alpi.. Babylonia, 2016, pp.56-57. » more details Botturi, L.& Negrini, L. (2016) Il pensiero computazionale e la scuola dell'obbligo. Emmeciquadro, 60. » more details Botturi, L.& Negrini, L. (2016) Il pensiero computazionale e la scuola dell’obbligo. Emmeciquadro, 60. » more details Botturi, L. (2015) La scuola e le sfide del mondo digitale. Principi, dati e suggerimenti operativi.. Emmeciquadro, 59, pp.1-10. » more details

Presentation at a conference 2 Elements

Pensa, I., Botturi, L., Devouard, F., Gianocca, G., Litrenta, E., Profeta, G., Pucciarelli, M., Schönwetter, T., Haddow-Flood, I.& Wiens, K.Wikipedia Primary School Providing the information necessary to the cycle of Primary Education in the languages used by the different education systems. , Swiss Researching Africa Days, 2016, Bern, Switzerland. » more details Negrini, L., Romualdi, M.& Botturi, L.Imparare le lingue con le tecnologie attraverso le alpi. , Congresso APEPS, 2015, Locarno. » more details

Scientific journal article 15 Elements

Botturi, L., Negrini, L.& Kappler, D. (2018) Digitally-supported language exchanges in primary school: the alpconnectar project. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, vol. 8 (4) pp.795-843. » more details Ford, H., Pensa, I., Devouard, F., Pucciarelli, M.& Botturi, L. (2018) Beyond notification: Filling gaps in peer production projects. New Media & Society. » more details Botturi, L., Bramani, C.& Corbino, S. (2014) Digital storytelling for social and international development: from special education to vulnerable children. International Journal of Art and Technologies, vol. 7 (1) pp.92-111. » more details Botturi, L.& Rega, I. (2014) Intergenerational digital storytelling. Four racconti of a new approach. . Formazione & Insegnamento. European Journal of Research on Education and Teaching, vol. 2 pp.211-224. » more details Botturi, L.& Bramani, C. (2012) Finding your voice through digital storytelling. TechTrends, vol. 56 (3) pp.10-11. » more details Botturi, L., Bramani, C.& McCusker, S. (2012) Boys are like girls: insights in the gender digital divide in higher education in Switzerland and Europe. International Journal of Universal Computer Science Education, vol. 18 (3) pp.353-376. » more details Derntl, M., Parrish, P.& Botturi, L. (2010) Beauty and Precision: Weaving Complex Educational Technology Projects with Visual Instructional Design Languages. International Journal of E-learning, vol. 9 (2) pp.185-202. » more details Figl, K., Derntl, M., Caeiro-Rodriguez, M.& Botturi, L. (2010) Cognitive effectiveness of visual instructional design languages. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, vol. 21 (6) pp.359-373. » more details Botturi, L.& Giordani, A. (2008) Etica e formazione. Il caso dei sistemi adattativi multimediali. Rivista della Facoltà Teologica di Lugano. » more details Cadoni, E., Forni, D.& Botturi, L. (2008) Learning by Seeing: The TEMAS Multimedia Learning Objects for Civil Engineers. TechTrends, vol. Volume (5) pp.17-21. » more details Botturi, L.& Calvo, S. (2007) E-learning and Communication Sciences: an interdisciplinarity2 approach. Studies in Communication Sciences, vol. 6 (2) pp.255-268. » more details Calvo, S.& Botturi, L. (2007) E-learning and Communication Sciences: an interdisciplinarity approach. Studies in Communication Sciences. » more details Mazza, R.& Botturi, L. (2007) Monitoring an Online Course with the GISMO Tool: A Case Study. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, vol. 18 (2) pp.251-265. » more details Botturi, L. (2006) E2ML. A visual language for the design of instruction. Educational Technology Research and Development, vol. 54 (3) pp.265-293. » more details Botturi, L., Cantoni, L.& Tardini, S. (2006) Introducing a moodle LMS in higher education: the e-Courses experience in Ticino (Switzerland). . Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (Je-LKS), vol. 2 (1). » more details

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