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Name and Surname Lorenzo Sommaruga

Position Department of Innovative Technologies, professore
Laboratory for semantic and multimedia systems, responsabile



Office Galleria 2 - 134
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number 058 666 65 31


Education and training Graduated in Computer Science (University of Milan, Italy) in 1989. In 1993 received a PhD in Psychology at Nottingham University (UK) on studies about Distributed Artificial Intelligence.

Work experience Lecturer and researcher at Univ. Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) Researcher in an Italian Government funded research project on e-learning Lecturer at Universita dell'Insubria Head of the Semantic and Multimedia Lab Responsible for various international (EU) and national funded applied research projects Prof. at the Innovation Technologies Department Head of Master in Mobile Internet App -

Skills XML technology and new web standards, Semantic Web (RDF, OWL), knowledge representation, AI and agents, innovative information and communication technologies, SOA and web services, web based applications, home automation, usability, accessibility, user interaction, and elearning systems and standards

Article in conference proceedings 14 Elements

Catenazzi, N., De Luca, V., Sommaruga, L.& Botta, M. (2012) Guidelines to Design Inclusive Ambient Intelligence Solutions for Human Activity Sharing., pp.496-501. » more details Catenazzi, N., Sommaruga, L.& Domenighetti, I. (2012) BRICK: a linked data experience. » more details Botta, M., Catenazzi, N., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., De Luca, V., Fornari, D.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Human centered design framework to generate novel ambient intelligence interface solutions. In DPPI 11 Proceedings, pp.561-562. » more details Botta, M., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., Catenazzi, N., De Luca, V., Fornari, D., Mancini, M., Mazza, R.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Interaction Design Lab. In LUXS 2011 Proceedings, pp.11-11. » more details Catenazzi, N.& Sommaruga, L. (2011) Experiences of knowledge visualization in semantic web applications. » more details Sommaruga, L., Catenazzi, N.& Rota, P. (2011) Tagsonomy: Easy Access to Web Sites through a Combination of Taxonomy and Folksonomy. » more details Sommaruga, L., Formilli, T.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Integrating Devices Framework for Ambient Intelligence, An. » more details Magistrali, M., Catenazzi, N.& Sommaruga, L. (2010) Tonal MIR: A Music Retrieval Engine Based on Semantic Web Technologies. » more details Sommaruga, L., Catenazzi, N.& Baldassari, A. (2010) Generic environments for semantic web applications. » more details Sommaruga, L., Catenazzi, N.& Canetta, L. (2010) Intelligent web: tools for knowledge management and sharing, The. » more details Canetta, L., Flores Pineda, M., Sommaruga, L., Pouly, M.& Lanini, M. (2009) DiFac Results: The Landscape of the Swiss project. » more details Catenazzi, N., Sommaruga, L.& Mazza, R. (2009) User-friendly ontology editing and visualization tools: the OWLeasyViz approach., pp.283-288. IEEE Computer Society. » more details Flores Pineda, M., Boer, C., Sommaruga, L., Salvade, A.& Lanini, M. (2007) Swiss IMS Digital Factory (DIFAC) project; implementing ICT Technologies for sustainable innovation, The. » more details Sommaruga, L.& Catenazzi, N. (2007) Curriculum visualization in 3D. In Web3D '07 Proceedings of the twelfth international conference on 3D web technology, pp.177-180. » more details

Chapter in book 2 Elements

Catenazzi, N.& Sommaruga, L. 2013. Mobile Learning and Augmented Reality: New Learning Opportunities. In Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities for Education in Modern Society, vol. 1, pp.9-13. Mykolas Romeris University Publishing. » more details Sommaruga, L.& Catenazzi, N. 2011. intelligent web, The. In Digital Factory for Human-oriented Production System, Canetta Luca ,Radaelli Claudia ,Flores Pineda Myrna , pp.147-161. Springer-Verlag. » more details

Report 1 Element

Ardia, F., Mombelli, M., Parini, C., Ferrari, M., Martinoni, M., Mainardi, M., Gandolfi, A., Guarnieri, F., Casabianca, A., Sommaruga, L.& DuPasquier, A. (2008) scuola di sostenibilità: primo passo verso l'impresa sociale sostenibile, A. Scuola Universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana. » more details

Scientific journal article 1 Element

Catenazzi, N.& Sommaruga, L. (2013) Generic environments for knowledge management and visualization. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, vol. 4 (1) pp.99-108. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Training Green Logistics Managers to Avoid the Environmental Effects of Logistics » more details Stepping up to tecnhology in adult education for awareness, assessment and access » more details Scuola Visione » more details Smart UFFI: The SUPSI FFHS interactive office » more details Psychometric Recommendation Engine (PRE) for Multimedia Service Platforms » more details OmniProfiler » more details BOARD Predictive Analytics: estensione di BOARD con strumenti avanzati di supporto alla decisioni ba » more details RSI - Vari mandati » more details RSI - Vari mandati » more details SMIRE Semantic Music Information Retrieval Engine » more details SEE A Game: Stimulate European Entrepreneurial Attitudes Game » more details Sistema software intelligente di Indicizzazione, Ricerca e Consultazione Semantica » more details Teachers? Aids on Creating Content for Learning Environments » more details WASTE-TRAIN » more details Usability analysis through blended learning » more details European field of competency on Building Automation » more details DomoML, a device integration framework » more details

Member of the following projects

Corpax: Collaborating while communicating » more details Fare Form@zione: i contesti formali e informali dell'apprendimento in SUPSI » more details Mobile and Gaming for Long Distance Drivers (ERASMUS+ Programme, CH Transitory Solution) » more details RiParTI 2.0 - Ricariche domestiche intelligenti » more details e-mobiliTI - Penetrazione della mobilità elettrica individuale in Ticino: un approccio partecipativo » more details Another brick in the Semantic World » more details Fondazione Vico Magistretti: Postazione multi-touch » more details Fondazione Vico Magistretti: Archivio on-line » more details MoodleTextCloud » more details Prestazioni Sviluppo su Progetto LABS » more details ToteMM: Applicazione multitouch per comunicare il patrimonio audiovisivo degli archivi RSI » more details Autonomia personale per persone anziane e portatrici di handicap » more details Domotica e ICT al servizio delle persone anziane e diversamente abili » more details OASI: Applicazione mobile sulla qualità dell?aria » more details Interaction Design LAB » more details Swiss2Grid : Algorithm based approach to decentralized load management » more details Interaction Design Lab » more details DIgital FACtory for Human Oriented Production System » more details Uno standard internazionale per la codifica della musica per CD, DVD e WEB, con il linguaggio XML. » more details Interface For Elderly and Visually impaired people - part 1 » more details Coordination and Feasibility Study for The Full Project Music XML » more details Osservatorio ambientale della Svizzera Italiana » more details