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Name and Surname Walter Amaro

Position Institute for Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology, professore


Office Galleria 2 - 149 - MEMTI - 1° piano
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666630


Article in conference proceedings 1 Element

Amaro, W., Broggini, F., Cadoni, E., Diviani, L.& Pedretti, A. (2008) TSCB - Twin Shape Composed Beam. » more details

Chapter in book 1 Element

Cadoni, E., Amaro, W., Dotta, M., Albertini, C.& Giorgetti, P. 2006. DynaMat: Laboratory for mechanical characterization of materials at high strain-rate. In Structural Concrete in Switzerland, vol. 2, pp.35-38. FIB-CH. » more details

Scientific journal article 1 Element

Amaro, W., Diviani, L., Montorfano, D., Oberrauch, E., Depinto, G., Segalini, S., Levi, M.& Turri, S. (2004) Controlling the shrinkage of polymers for customized shoe sole manufacturing. International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, vol. 17 (7) pp.633-644. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Competitività nella deformazione » more details Realizzazione di un dimostratore mirato a testare l\'abrasione delle suole » more details Costruzione laboratorio Sistema INtegrato TEst Dinamici per FIAT SPA » more details Centro di competenza interdipartimentale DACD-DTI di caratterizzazione e simulazione meccanica dei m » more details Custom, Environment and Comfort made shoe » more details FANMOTOR » more details Amélioration des techniques de fabrication par déformation à froid ou à tiède de fermoirs de bracele » more details Development of the process and implementation of the management tools for the extended user oriented » more details Seconda fase » more details E!1957, parte 2000 (parte 1999: Nr. CTI-4328.2) » more details E!1957, parte 1999 (parte 2000: CTI-4629.1) » more details ACE-200 » more details Intelligent COMposite PROducts » more details Fan Low Noise » more details

Member of the following projects

Doppio specchio di sicurezza » more details Silk fibroin microsphere for bedsores effective treatment » more details Dispositif de traitement du gras adipeux pour l?extraction des cellules souches mésenchymateuses » more details Selective Emitting Coatings » more details Twin Shape Composed Beam » more details HYDAC-CASE-ZERO » more details Motivazione nelle Organizzazioni » more details PerformAnce improvement of POLYmer based prototypes by NAnofIllers REinforcement » more details Experimental Research and Application for New Generation, Full DigitalX-Ray NDI-CT Technology » more details Web Integrated Manufacturing of Molds and Dies » more details Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Carbon Fullerenes and Nanotubes and their Composites - New Team » more details RUbber Metal BOnding » more details Research and Design of a SEa - Life - Zip and related manufacturing technology » more details Time to Market Sm@rtPhone » more details ManuFuturing - Self-innovative Extended Factory » more details