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Name and Surname Jan Hardie

Position Centro competenze lingue, docente-ricercatore


Office Palazzo E - 408
Via Cantonale, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666871


Personal Details Jan Hardie was born in Scotland on 22nd March 1958.

Education and training Jan Hardie studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, graduating in 1979 with an M.A. (Honours) in Social Anthropology and Linguistics. Further study led to a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, awarded in 1980 from the same university.

Work experience On moving to Italy, she worked for Olivetti S.p.A. in Milan, focusing on the optimization and administration of the Italian Services Division. She subsequently decided to pursue her long-standing interest in languages and in the language-acquisition process, entering the English language teaching sector. In 2005 she joined SUPSI and currently works as an English teacher, translator and Cambridge Oral Examiner. She has participated in a number of research projects funded by the Swiss Federation and the European Commission.

Skills English Language Teaching, Italian-English translation, creation of didactic materials in the field of digital technologies.

Article in conference proceedings 3 Elements

Botturi, L., D`Alessio, G.& Hardie, J. (2018) How do teachers use video at school?. In Proceedings of INTED 2018, pp.4077-4086. » more details Addimando, L., Rubegni, E., Mangili, F., Antonucci, A., D`Alessio, G.& Hardie, J. (2016) Adaptive systems for foreign languages learning: towards a new tool in Canton Ticino (Switzerland).. In Abstract Book. » more details Addimando, L., Rubegni, E., Mangili, F., Antonucci, A., Germana, D.& Hardie, J. (2016) Adaptive Systems for foreign languages learning: a new tool in Canton Ticino (Switzerland). » more details

Report 4 Elements

D`Alessio, G.& Hardie, J. (2014) Video: I fabbisogni linguistici delle aziende ticinesi. SUPSI. » more details D`Alessio, G., Hardie, J.& Lisi, A. (2013) Indagine sul fabbisogno di competenze linguistiche delle aziende del territorio ticinese. SUPSI. » more details D`Alessio, G., Hardie, J.& Sattler, W. (2011) Video: Five Communicative Language Teaching Methods . SUPSI. » more details D'Alessio, G., Hardie, J., Kauffman, G., Tschudi Von Kaenel, D., Branch, R.& Fattorini, P. (2008) Videogame EGGS . SUPSI. » more details

Member of the following projects

CEFR Mediation strategies: towards a socio-emotionalLy enhanced plurilingual language education » more details Film a scuola per tutti » more details Adaptive systems for foreign languages teaching » more details CLIL4U » more details I bisogni linguistici delle aziende ticinesi » more details POOLS-M » more details POOLS-T » more details L´inglese attraverso degli scenari basati sui giochi e sul gender » more details