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Name and Surname Luigi Coppola

Department/School/Unit Institute for Materials and Constructions
Area tecnologia e durabilita


Office Trevano - Blocco C
Via Trevano, 6952 Canobbio

Internal telephone number +41586666379


Personal Details 55-year old. He lives in Milan - Italy

Education and training Civil Engineer, Professor of “Structural Materials for Constructions” and “Chemistry and Technology of Materials for Repair and Maintenance” - University of Bergamo - Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Professor SUPSI of "Repair and management of existing structures"

Work experience 1996- 2004: Professor at UNIVERSITY of BERGAMO, " FACULTY OF ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY of “Basic Technologies in Construction Materials” (1996-1997) and of “Chemistry and Technology of Repair and Restoration of Construction Materials” (1997-2004). Manager of Enco laboratory acknowledged by MURST (Minister of University and Scientific and Technological Research) as high-qualified Research Laboratory. 2001-2005 MAPEI S.p.A. Technical Service Manager.

Skills Luigi Coppola’s scientific activity can be subdivided into five different sections: 1) Admixtures and mineral additives for mortars and concrete. 2) Deterioration, durability and repair of concrete structures. 3) Design of the concrete composition (mix-design). 4)Deterioration and restoration of historical buildings.Corrosion and protection of rebars in reinforced concrete and reinforced pre-cast concrete structures. The results of Luigi Coppola’s research activity can be summarized in: More than 250 original papers; 18 books; 3 expert systems and 1 patent.

Awards In June 2000 L. Coppola was conferred an award for the “Outstanding and sustained contributions to enhance the Durability of Concrete” by ACI and CANMET. Luigi Coppola is the youngest researcher in the world and Italian researcher who has achieved the award.

Article in conference proceedings 2 Elements

Coppola, L., Cadoni, E., Forni, D.& Buoso, A. (2012) Caratterizzazione meccanica di compositi a base cementizia con fibre di vetro, di polipropilene rinforzato (GRP) e nanotubi di carbonio ad elevate velocità di deformazione. In Proceedings of XI Convegno Nazionale AIMAT, pp.157-160. » more details Coppola, L., Cadoni, E., Forni, D.& Buoso, A. (2011) Performance of multi-scale fiber reinforced cement composites at high strain rate. In The new boundaries of structural concrete, pp.235-241. » more details

Scientific journal article 2 Elements

Coppola, L., Coffetti, D., Crotti, E., Forni, D.& Cadoni, E. (2018) Fiber reinforced mortars based on free Portland-CSA binders under high stress rate. EPJ Web Conf., vol. 183 pp.4013-4013. » more details Coppola, L., Cadoni, E., Forni, D.& Buoso, A. (2011) Mechanical Characterization of Cement Composites Reinforced with Fiberglass, Carbon Nanotubes or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) at High Strain Rates. Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 82 pp.190-195. » more details

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