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Name and Surname Claudio Valsangiacomo

Position Centro competenze SUPSI cooperazione e sviluppo, responsabile
Department for Environment Constructions and Design, professore


Office Trevano - Blocco B
Via Trevano, 6952 Canobbio

Internal telephone number +41586666262


Personal Details Claudio Valsangiacomo was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, on 30 January 1962

Education and training Claudio Valsangiacomo is a biologist with a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (Diploma in 1985, PhD in 1990)

Work experience Claudio Valsangiacomo, is a biologist holding a PhD from ETHZ. He is Professor at SUPSI, leading the Centre for Development and Cooperation and Faculty Member of the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). He did research in life sciences and underwent further specialization in clinical and food/water microbiology in public health laboratories in Switzerland (1993-2017). He has been involved in development and humanitarian projects since 2001, with international consultancies/assignments on behalf of SDC and various international organizations (WHO, UNICEF,USDA)

Skills Development and cooperation, Water-Sanitation-Hygiene, clinical microbiology, prevention of epidemics in developing countries, indoor air quality (radon in particular).

Awards Member of the Cholera Task Force for Cholera Control member of the Swiss humanitarian aid unit

Scientific journal article 7 Elements

Pampuri, L., Caputo, P.& Valsangiacomo, C. (2018) Effects of buildings’ refurbishment on indoor air quality. Results of a wide survey on radon concentrations before and after energy retrofit interventions. Sustainable Cities and Society pp.100-106. » more details Hoffmann, M., Aliyev, C., Feyzullayev, A., Baghirli, R., Veliyeva, F., Pampuri, L., Valsangiacomo, C., Tollefsen, T.& Cinelli, G. (2016) First Map of Residential Indoor Radon Measurements in Azerbaijan. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, vol. 175 (2) pp.186-193. » more details Hoffmann, M., Alyiev, C., Feyzullayev, A., Baghirli, R., Veliyeva, F., Pampuri, L., Valsangiacomo, C., Tollefsen, T.& Cinelli, G. (2016) First Map of Residential Indoor Radon Measurements in Azerbaijan. Radiation Protection Dosimetry pp.1-8. » more details Gambato, C., Generelli, M., Pampuri, L., Rutkowska, A.& Valsangiacomo, C. (2015) Il gas radon nelle abitazioni minergie. Archi, Rivista Svizzera di architettura, ingegneria e urbanistica pp.18-19. » more details Bernasconi, E., Valsangiacomo, C., Peduzzi, R., Carota, A., Moccetti, T.& Funke, G. (2004) Arthrobacter woluwensisSubacute Infective Endocarditis: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Clinical Infectious Diseases, vol. 38 (4) pp.27-31. » more details Gutacher, M., Valsangiacomo, C., Bernasconi, M.& Piffaretti, J.-C. (2002) recA and glnA sequences separate the Bacteroides fragilis population into two genetic divisions associated with the antibiotic resistance genotypes cepA and cfiA. Journal of Medical Microbiology, vol. 51 (2) pp.123-130. » more details Maggi Solcà, N., Valsangiacomo, C., Piffaretti, J.-C., Bernasconi, M.& Van Doorn, L.-J. (2001) Population genetics of Helicobacter pylori in the southern part of Switzerland analysed by sequencing of four housekeeping genes (atpD, glnA, scoB and recA), and by vacA, cagA, iceA and IS605 genotyping. Microbiology, vol. 147 (6) pp.1693-1707. » more details

In charge of the following projects

GreenIT. Centro di ricerca e diffusione per le tecnologie appropriate. Hawassa Etiopia » more details Consortium for Education and Research in Water Sanitation and Hygiene » more details Swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network » more details SDC Well Cleaning in an Emergency: Technical Guidelines » more details Academic study on SDC water projects implemented in KPK Pakistan 2014 » more details Inquinamento radon negli edifici prima e dopo il risanamento energetico » more details Moving towards the eradication of lung cancer caused by radon gas in homes and workplaces » more details Eradication of lung cancer caused by radon gas in Azerbaijan and Slovenia » more details