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Name and Surname Iolanda Pensa

Position Laboratory of Visual Culture, ricercatrice senior



Office Trevano
Via Trevano, 6952 Canobbio

Internal telephone number +41586666362


Personal Details (Geneva, 1975)

Education and training University degree in Medieval art history at the Catholic University of Milan. Ph.D. in Social anthropology and ethnology and in Territorial government and planning at the EHESS École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Parigi in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Work experience Researcher for "Africa e Mediterraneo" (2002-2006). Founder and board member of iStrike Foundation in Rotterdam (2005-2008). Professor of Art economy at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (2007-2011). Scientific director at lettera27 Foundation in Milan (2007-2012) for the projects "WikiAfrica: Increasing the quality and quantity of African content on Wikipedia" and "Share Your Knowledge: Creative Commons and Wikipedia for Cultural Institutions". Correspondent for Africa for "Domus" magazine (2011-2012). Coordinator of Ecomuseo delle Grigne (2010-); lead Wikimania Esino Lario 2016.

Skills Systems of knowledge production and distributions in particular in Africa; assessment of cultural institutions, GLAMs and public art; Wikipedia; open licenses; the Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art. She is a member of the Centre for Development and Cooperation SUPSI.

Awards Award Wikimedia Italia 2009 for open knowledge (for the project Archivio Pietro Pensa); Emerging Talents Award 2009 (for the artwork commissioned to Rossella Biscotti); Award FamigliaLavoro 2010 (for the project A misura di bambino); Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching 2017 (2nd).

Article in conference proceedings 7 Elements

Botturi, L., van Zyl, I.& Pensa, I. (2017) WIKIPEDIA AT PRIMARY SCHOOL: TEACHERS’ USE AND PERCEPTIONS. THE CASE OF SOUTH AFRICA. In Proceedings of ICERI 2017. » more details Pensa, I. (2017) L'esperienza/1: Wikimania Esino Lario 2016. Il raduno mondiale di Wikipedia. In Da Spazi a Luoghi. Proposte per una nuova ecologia dello sviluppo, pp.109-116. » more details Pensa, I. (2017) Laboratorio cultura visiva, SUPSI – Open Licences et Fab Labs. In Culture et créativité pour le développement durable. Bonnes pratiques pour les collectivités publiques, pp.42-42. » more details Pensa, I. (2017) need to contribute to Wikipedia. The improbability of an African Wikipedian, The. » more details Pensa, I. (2015) Africa and Wikipedia. The quality and quantity of African content on Wikipedia and the role of Scholars in contributing to it. In Newsletter of the Société suisse d’études africaines Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Afrikastudien SSEA – SGAS, pp.34-36. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) Power of Wikipedia: Legitimacy and Territorial Control, The. In Proceedings of the Wikipedia Academy 2012. » more details Fornari, D.& Pensa, I. (2010) Mobile Access to Knowledge: Afrofantasy. In Negotiating futures - Design fiction. Proceedings of the 6th Swiss Design Network conference, pp.208-209. » more details

Book 4 Elements

Pensa, I., Pucciarelli, M., Douala Bell, M., Nibbeling, X., Siegenthaler, F., Adukaite, A., de la Chapelle, M., Verschuren, K.& Grandin, L. (2017) Public Art in Africa. Art et transformations urbaines à Douala /// Art and Urban Transformations in Douala, Pensa Iolanda , MetisPresses. » more details Federici, S., Pensa, I., Recchia, F., Amodei, I., Zabunyam, E., Trento, G., Sotiaux, D., Sagna, R., Fall, N., Schroth, M., Poiana, M.& Burgio, V. (2006) Sulla storia dell’arte contemporanea africana, Pensa Iolanda ,Federici Sandra , Africa e Mediterraneo. » more details Pensa, I., Manga, L., Douala Bell, M., Schaub, D., Leye, G., Yamguen, H., Diwouta-Kotto, D., Linke, A., Wells, W., Mouillon, P., Sall, O., Patrix, B., Fall, N., Malaquais, D., Williamson, S., Vitone, L., Recchia, F., Owona Ntsama, J., Pedroli, V., Tall, M.-C., AbdouMaliq, S., Tapela, N.& Baseggio, S. (2005) Ars&Urbis, Pensa Iolanda , Africa e Mediterraneo. » more details Pensa, I., Federici, S., Goutier, H., Komla Ayida, D., Katchka, K., Tschumi, R., Murphy, M., Murray, B., Madgy, B.& Maldini, M. (2004) Le industrie culturali in Africa, Federici Sandra ,Pensa Iolanda , Africa e Mediterraneo. » more details

Chapter in book 9 Elements

Pensa, I. 2017. System Error. Art as a space to produce what we would never have thought we needed. In Contemporary Perspectives in Art and International Development, Stupples Polly ,Teaiwa Katerina , pp.104-117. Routledge. » more details Pensa, I., Maroni, R., Pensa, C.& Pensa, P. 2017. Introduction. In Wikimania 2016. Il raduno mondiale di Wikipedia a Esino Lario, de Senarclens Catherine , pp.11-11. Regione Lombardia. » more details Pensa, I.& Fornari, D. 2015. Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and Assessing the Impact of Cultural Events and Public Art on Urban Safety. In Urban Safety and Security, Bonini Lessing Emanuela , pp.57-64. Franco Angeli. » more details Pensa, I. 2012. Public art and Urban Change in Douala in Making Douala 2007-2013. In Making Douala 2007-2013. ICU Art Projects. » more details Pensa, I. 2011. Where People are Knowledge. In Chimurenga Chronicle 18-24 May 2008, Edjabe Ntone , Another Section* Media & Technology/People are Knowledge. Chimurenga. » more details Pensa, I. 2009. La bibliothèque de Chimurenga. In The Chimurenga Library: An Introspective of Chimurenga Magazine, Edjabe Ntone ,Hardy Stacy , pp.4-6. Cape Town Platform. » more details Pensa, I. 2007. Make it sexy. La promozione dell’arte contemporanea africana. In L’arte etnica tra cultura e mercato, Candela Guido ,Biordi Maurizio , pp.93-131. Skira. » more details Pensa, I. 2007. Princess. In Douala in Translation: A view of the city and its creative transforming potentials, Douala Bell Marilyn ,Babina Lucia , pp.110-117. Episode Publishers. » more details Pensa, I. 2006. Les biennales et la géographie: Les biennales de Venise, du Caire et de Dakar. In Créations artistiques contemporaines en pays d’Islam : des arts en tension, Depaule Jean-Charles ,Dakhlia Jocelyne , pp.573-588. Kimé éditions. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 31 Elements

Bargna, I., Dyangani Ose, E., Scotini, M.& Pensa, I. (2017) Africa is the Future: Ivan Bargna in conversazione con Elvira Dyangani Ose, Iolanda Pensa e Marco Scotini. Flash Art, pp.42-47. » more details Cangiano, S., Profeta, G., Lurati, M., Elsharbaty, S., Pensa, I.& Devouard, F. (2017) Community Digest: Using data to visualize Wikipedia knowledge gaps; news in brief. Wikimedia Foundation Blog, 23-2-2017. » more details Pensa, I. (2017) Risposta a “Riflessioni sulla narrazione storica nelle voci di Wikipedia”». Diacronie. Studi di Storia Contemporanea. » more details Pensa, I. (2016) Time and revolution at Dak'art 2016. Domus, 24-6-2016. » more details Pensa, I. (2014) Dak'Art 2014. Domus, 29-5-2014. » more details Pensa, I. (2013) I'll have a project. How international grants and cultural cooperation have shaped contemporary African art into a project made of objectives, activities and expected results. Seismopolite. Journal of Art and Politics. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) Africa, looking beyond the clichés: A book review. Domus, 13-1-2012. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) Dak’Art: contemporary art and society: An art report . Domus, 28-6-2012. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) I beni visibili grazie a Wikipedia: Il concorso Wiki Loves Monument promuove il patrimonio pubblico raccogliendo fotografie e dati. Ma l’Italia sconta vincoli di copyright. Il Sole 24 Ore, pp.38-38. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) Power of Wikipedia: Legitimacy and Control, The. PMS Reader Power Money Sex. » more details Pensa, I. (2012) Public Art and Urban Change in Douala. Domus, 9-4-2012. » more details Pensa, I. (2011) African Cities Reader II. Domus, 12-8-2011. » more details Pensa, I. (2011) Dak'Art 2010: Perspective and Retrospective: An art report. Domus, 4-2-2011. » more details Pensa, I. (2011) Share Your African Knowledge. Open Knowledge Foundation Blog, 9-11-2011. » more details Pensa, I. (2011) Suites Architecturales: Kinshasa, Douala, Dakar. Domus, 23-5-2011. » more details Pensa, I. (2011) Wikimania: Wikipedia In Real Life. Domus, 8-8-2011. » more details Pensa, I. (2007) Check List: My Latest First Time. Mousse Magazine, pp.104-106. » more details Pensa, I. (2007) Le attese dell’arte. Nigrizia, 125, pp.42-43. » more details Pensa, I. (2007) Opinion: TransCape. Artthrob. » more details Pensa, I. (2006) Cape TransCape: Not Another Biennale. Domus, pp.7-7. » more details Pensa, I. (2006) Dak’Art 2004. Artthrob. » more details Pensa, I. (2004) 9th International Cairo Biennial: Pass Me a Balloon, The. Contemporary Art from the Islamic World. » more details Pensa, I. (2004) Art and Artists at Dak’Art 2004. Contemporary Art from the Islamic World. » more details Pensa, I. (2004) Dak’Art. Domus, pp.7-7. » more details Pensa, I. (2002) Cairo Contemporanea. Tema Celeste, pp.116-117. » more details Pensa, I. (2001) Biennale del Cairo. Flash Art, pp.137-137. » more details Pensa, I. (2001) Biennale di Venezia. Nigrizia, 119, pp.57-57. » more details Pensa, I. (2001) Il Cairo brulica. Nigrizia, 119, pp.45-48. » more details Pensa, I. (2001) La prima Biennale di Teheran. Flash Art, pp.62-62. » more details Pensa, I. (2001) Medhat Shafik: l’arte e i luoghi. A Oriente!, pp.24-27. » more details Pensa, I. (2000) Dak’Art 2000. Flash Art, pp.46-47. » more details

Presentation at a conference 22 Elements

Pensa, I.Decision making is not a problem. , Wikimania Montreal, 2017, Montreal, Canada. » more details Pensa, I.Il sapere Open Access: riflessioni. Prospettive di collaborazione fra Wikimedia Italia e l'Università di Bergamo. , Università di Bergamo, 2017, Bergamo, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.It is not a matter of visibility: GLAMs contribute to fill the knowledge gap. New metrics for GLAMs and GLAM-Wiki cooperation. , Wikimania Montreal, 2017, Montreal, Canada. » more details Pensa, I.La responsabilità di premere il tasto “modifica”. , TEDxVarese, 2017, Varese, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.Make It a Wikipedia-Friendly Cultural Heritage. , OD4CH Open Data For Cultural Heritage, Politecnico di Milano, 2017, Milano, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.Methods to enhance the production of Wikipedia articles on specific topics. A presentation of the methodologies tested in the production of articles related to the South African primary school curriculum. , Wikimania Montreal, 2017, Montreal, Canada. » more details Pensa, I.Organizzazione e gestione di piccoli eventi. , itwikicon, 2017, Trento, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.Public art in Africa, book launch and exhibition tour. , ECAS 2017 European Conference on African Studies, Urban Africa - Urban Africans: New encounters of the rural and the urban, 2017, Basel, Switzerland. » more details Pensa, I.Transforming GLAMs. , Wikimania Montreal, 2017, Montreal, Canada. » more details Pensa, I.Wikipedia and Copyright. , Università Bocconi, 2017, Milano, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.Wikipedia Primary School: Providing the information necessary to the cycle of Primary Education 
in the languages used by the different education systems. , Design Festival Bern 2017, 2017, Bern, Switzerland. » more details Pensa, I.& Leva, F.GLAM-Wiki. Galleries, libraries, archives and museums cooperating with Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects. , Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2017, 2017, Università Bocconi - Milano, Italy. » more details Pensa, I.Wikimania Esino Lario - Sharitaly. , Sharitaly, 2016, BASE, Milano. » more details Pensa, I.Douala. The Social, Political, and Artistic Value of Public Art. , ACASA Art Council of the African Studies Association Triennial Symposium on African Art , 19-3-2014, Brooklyn Museum. » more details Pensa, I.Financing the production of public art in Africa. The case study of doual’art – between resources, culture, development and agencies.. , ICCPR 2014 International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, 10-9-2014, Hildesheim. » more details Pensa, I.role of Wikipedia and its community in cultural production and in supporting the heritage sector, The. , Conference of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union "Heritage Commons: Towards a participative heritage governance in the third millennium", 24-9-2014, Venaria Reale, Turin. » more details Pensa, I.Wikipedia Primary School. , Wiki Indaba, 22-6-2014, Johannesburg. » more details Pensa, I.Wikipedia and Africa. , Ars&Urbis during the SUD Salon Urbain de Douala, 9-12-2013, Douala, Cameroon. » more details Pensa, I.Creative Commons and Wikipedia as new productive paradigms for cultural institutions. The experience of the project Share Your Knowledge/ Creative Commons e Wikipedia come nuovi strumenti produttivi per le istituzioni culturali. L’esperienza del progetto Share Your Knowledge.. , STS Italia National conference (Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies): Emerging Technologies, Social Worlds, 23-6-2012, Rovigo, in partnership with CIGA of the University of Padua (Centre for Environmental Law Decisions and Corporate Ethical Certification). » more details Pensa, I.Rewrite History: Wikipedia as a tool to produce a collaborative history and historiography Riscrivere la storia: Wikipedia come strumento per produrre una storia universale, collaborativa, neutrale e capace di dare spazio a tutti i punti di vista.. , Conference of African Studies, 19-6-2012, Università di Pavia. » more details Pensa, I.La Biennale de Dakar - Rencontrés et Echanges. , Rencontrés et Echanges - Biennale de Dakar, 2004, Dakar. » more details Pensa, I.Wikimania Esino Lario. , American University in Cairo, 2001, Cairo. » more details

Report 2 Elements

Pensa, I., Haddow-Flood, I., Martinelli, L., Coletta, C.& Wiens, K. (2012) WikiAfrica Primary School Feasibility Study. lettera27 Foundation. » more details Pensa, I., Litrenta, E., Casanova, M., Chemello, M., Martinelli, L., Maggiore, M., Montagnani, M., Morando, F., Artusio, C.& Dell'Acqua, G. (2012) Share Your Knowledge: Creative Commons and Wikipedia for Cultural Institutions. lettera27 Foundation. » more details

Scientific journal article 9 Elements

Ford, H., Pensa, I., Devouard, F., Pucciarelli, M.& Botturi, L. (2018) Beyond notification: Filling gaps in peer production projects. New Media & Society. » more details Pensa, I. (2016) Public Art and Urban Change in Douala. OnCurating. In this Context: Collaborations & Biennials pp.48-53. » more details Pensa, I. (2006) Interculture map: il settore delle arti. Africa e Mediterraneo. » more details Pensa, I. (2006) La Triennale di Luanda. Africa e Mediterraneo. » more details Pensa, I. (2005) Media in Africa. Africa e Mediterraneo pp.11-17. » more details Pensa, I. (2004) Dak’Art e la promozione dell’arte contemporanea africana. Africa e Mediterraneo pp.32-37. » more details Pensa, I. (2003) Arte contemporanea al Cairo tra spazi espositivi pubblici, privati e artisti. Africa e Mediterraneo pp.71-73. » more details Pensa, I. (2002) Dak’Art 2002 – 10 anni di esperienza. Africa e Mediterraneo pp.86-88. » more details Pensa, I. (2002) Il Senegal al computer. Africa e Mediterraneo pp.43-45. » more details

Thesis 1 Element

Pensa, I. (2011) La Biennale de Dakar comme projet de coopération et de développement. EHESS École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. » more details

In charge of the following projects

Sandro Vanini: binomio mecenatismo artistico e imprenditorialità » more details I luoghi di cultura, creatività ed espressione del Ticino su OpenStreetMap. » more details CHEERS Cultural HEritagE.Risks and Securing activities. » more details Public Art in Africa (digital publication) » more details A misura di bambino (fase preparatoria) » more details Casi di studio tra ricerca e formazione (seconda fase) » more details GLAM visual tool » more details Culture and Safety in Africa » more details DACD FFHS - Casi di studio tra ricerca e formazione » more details Swiss Foundations and Open Licenses - Preliminary study » more details Wikipedia Primary School: Rendere accessibili su Wikipedia le informazioni necessarie al completamen » more details Il paesaggio culturale alpino su Wikipedia » more details

Member of the following projects

Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and assessing the impact of cu » more details