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Name and Surname Igor Francetic

Position Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care, dottorando


Office Piazzetta - 209
Via Violino, 6928 Manno

Internal telephone number +41586666463


Personal Details Born in 1987 in Lugano (Ticino, Switzerland)

Education and training 2011, BSc in Business Administration, SUPSI. 2012, B.A. in Economics, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). 2016, MSc. in Economics, Université de Lausanne (HEC). Since Sept. 2016, PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health, Universität Basel (Swiss TPH).

Work experience 2006-2010: support to City Parliament activities, Municipality of Lugano. 2010-2013: assistant to the CFO, AIL SA (multi-utility company). 2013-2016: teaching and research assistant, DEASS-SUPSI. Since Sept. 2016: PhD candidate, DEASS-SUPSI.

Skills Econometrics, Statistics, Health Economics, Development Economics, Public Health, Epidemiology, Macroeconomics

Article in conference proceedings 3 Elements

Francetic, I., Fink, G.& Tediosi, F. (2019) Impact de la "social accountability" sur la disponibilité des méedicaments: évidence empirique de la Tanzanie. » more details Francetic, I., Fink, G.& Tediosi, F. (2019) Impact of Social Accountability Monitoring on Health Service Provision: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Tanzanian Region of Dodoma, The. » more details Francetic, I., Tediosi, F.& Salari, P. (2018) Going operational with health systems governance: supervision and incentives to health workers for higher quality health care in public health facilities in Tanzania. » more details

Newspaper/Magazine article 1 Element

De Pietro, C.& Francetic, I. (2018) Aiuto allo sviluppo in ambito sanitario: bisogni locali e iniziative globali. Iride, pp.15-17. » more details

Report 1 Element

Gandolfi, A., De Pietro, C., Francetic, I.& Mion, F. (2017) Dinamiche evolutive e sfide del settore sanitario e ospedaliero. Scuola Universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana. » more details

Scientific journal article 3 Elements

Francetic, I. (2019) Governance to address health systems pitfalls of antibiotics overuse in low- and middle-income countries. International Journal of Public Health, vol. 64 (8) pp.1127-1128. » more details Francetic, I., Tediosi, F., Salari, P.& De Savigny, D. (2019) Going operational with health systems governance: supervision and incentives to health workers for increased quality of care in Tanzania. Health Policy and Planning, vol. 34 pp.77-92. » more details De Pietro, C.& Francetic, I. (2018) E-health in Switzerland: The laborious adoption of the federal law on electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) networks. Health Policy, vol. 122 (2) pp.69-204. » more details

Thesis 1 Element

Francetic, I. (2016) On Risk Aversion and News Shocks. Université de Lausanne. » more details

Member of the following projects

CPA-Net » more details Health systems governance and social health protection in Ghana and Tanzania » more details