Day nursery

Head: Elena Giambini Barutta
Day nursery
SUPSI day nursery is a service promoted by the Gender Service to allow for a better reconciliation of the commitments to family, profession and/or studies of collaborators and students of SUPSI.

SUPSI day nursery, open since January 2005, welcomes children from the age of four months to three years, with priority given to the children of the SUPSI staff and student body. Children of other families may also be accepted if places are available.

Strong in its experience in the education of social workers within the Department of Business Management and Social Science, SUPSI offers a quality service run by a qualified educational team which understands how to respond to the needs of children and the requirements of parents.

SUSI day nursery is situated in the Suglio building in Manno, a place easily reached by public or private means. The structure offers spacious rooms and a safe garden in which children can develop their explorative and constructive abilities.

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