Service for didactics and teacher training

Head: Fulvio Poletti
Service for didactics and teacher training
This service supports and assists teachers and departments on questions connected with education in order to prepare quality training. It works on aspects related to the instruction and pedagogical-didactic qualification of teachers and institutions.

The didactic qualification of teachers constitutes one of the main elements for university institutions.

SUPSI, by means of the Service for Didactics and Teacher Training, intends to promote and maintain the quality of teaching within several formative pathways (e.g. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees). In this sense, the services offered are free for all SUPSI teachers.

In the area of didactic training, the service ensures consultation to individual teachers for the acquisition and retention of a suitable didactic qualification and for the achievement of the equivalent SUP certificate in didactics, coordinates the activities of didactic training within SUPSI, and promotes internal information on what takes place in the sphere of didactics within the context of SUPSI/SUP and other university organisations.