Centralised services

Since its foundation in 1997, continuing education has been one of the 4 institutional mandates of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (together with Bachelor and Master degree courses, applied research and consulting services).
Continuing education service
The Executive Administrative Office provides support services for the whole university in terms of the organisational, administrative and management activities to be executed by each unit.
Executive Administrative Office
Since the creation of SUPSI as an autonomous organisation, we have had the yearly obligation of preparing a correct balance sheet and income statement, and more generally of maintaining appropriate bookkeeping procedures.
Finance and controlling service
This service promotes concrete projects and actions of awareness in order to integrate the dimension of gender and the basic themes relative to equal opportunity within SUPSI and the University of Southern Switzerland.
Gender service
Since the beginning of 2000, SUPSI has autonomously taken on all of the various tasks pertaining to the administrative management of personnel.
Human resources service
In collaboration with the University Executive, the Institute Communications Service defines the internal and external communications strategies, describing the institutional communications tools and actions to adopt in order to achieve the set targets.
Institutional communications service
The management of the infrastructure and safety of SUPSI is entrusted to the Logistics Service.
Logistics service
The IT service tends to the IT applications supporting the SUPSI administrative processes, managing a portfolio of applications throughout their entire life-cycle: identifying requirements, completing the development or acquisition process, making new applications operational, providing maintenance services, assisting users, managing data quality, etc..
Management IT service
Administers the SUPSI quality assurance procedures. Promotes an ethos of quality, in terms of dissemination and consensus. Provides the Institutes with quality-improvement support services. Tends to the official institutional accreditation procedures.
Quality service
The Statistics Service gathers data on a regular basis, and, by means of statistical documents, processes and periodically disseminates statistical information related mainly to students.
Student management service
This general advisory service provides information and guidance on a variety of educational and employment options.
Study advisory service
This service promotes the practice of physical and sports activities for students, professors and collaborators of SUPSI and The University of Southern Switzerland.
SUPSI-USI sport service